If you’re in the mood for a slice, Philly has you covered

Tomato Pie

The Triangle
by Ethan Herman

The truest hidden gem in this week’s article is Iannelli’s Bakery in Passyunk. This gets the award quite simply because there is no schedule to Iannelli’s’ pizza production: the pizza is made whenever Vincent Iannelli feels like it. This bakery has been around for now 110 years, nestled away on East Passyunk Avenue, and is known for everything Italian — their tomato pie especially. But there is one thing they aren’t known for: stable hours. If you follow Iannelli’s on Instagram, Vince will post when he is going to open to fill orders made by customers and neighborhood regulars. If you want the legendary square pie or Italian baked goods, you’re gonna have to call, or email, or pray. Being a true hidden gem, Vince Iannelli wouldn’t have it any other way.