South Philadelphia bakery now shipping famous tomato pie nationally

Amanda Brady

Philadelphia, Pa -- At Iannelli's Bakery, there are only 15 days a year you can get owner, Vincent Iannelli's Famous Tomato Pie. The South Philadelphia bakery got its start in 1910 by Iannelli's grandparents. The pie was originally his grandmother's recipe from Italy. "It's a depression pizza from my grandmother's era. They couldn't afford the cheese so that's just how they made it." Vincent began working in the bakery with his grandparents when he was only nine years old. He began to sell the bakery's famous pies only 15 days a year, seven years ago when he wanted to explore new hobbies and business ventures but did not want to close his family's business. "I enjoy being here, it's fun, I make it fun, and when the customers do come in it's like 'oh! Here's a glass of wine. What are you doing? I haven't seen you in a minute." To make it easier for customers who want a slice of this Philly favorite pie, Vincent decided to start shipping his pies nationally. "It's basically to create more supply for the demand. With the whole shipping aspect, now you don't have to come. Well, ship it to your door." He's only making 150-200 pies a month and it's first come, first serve. The pies will come vacuumed sealed and customers can freeze them to eat later. To find out when you pick up a pie or get one shipped to you, keep an eye on their social media accounts for posts on when they're available.